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What We Do

Gunn Sports Boosters support, fund, and celebrate our many Gunn student athletes

Gunn Sports Boosters is a not-for-profit organization that supports Gunn student athletes in partnership with the Gunn Athletics Department. We work with school administrators, coaches, parents, and community members to support our Gunn High School student athletes. We assist with fundraising and work to fund projects that impact Gunn student athletes. 

Why we help

Gunn High School’s athletics program receives limited financial support from the school district. With 45 teams, multiple sports facilities, and hundreds of student athletes, Gunn Sports Boosters supplements the funding needs of all of them.

Sports Boosters will raise funds to support Gunn High School Athletics for special initiatives and capital improvement projects. Sports Boosters will increase its outreach activities to drive more engagement with Gunn students, families, alumni and the broader Palo Alto community.

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