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Who We Are

Gunn High School Sports Boosters are parents, coaches, alumni and community members dedicated to supporting Gunn's athletic programs

Our focus is fundraising, supporting facility improvements, uniforms, and equipment requests, in order to supplement the budget, resources, and facilities available to Gunn Athletics. The Gunn Sports Boosters is dedicated to recognizing our student-athletes and bringing publicity to the success of our teams and athletes.

Board Members
Brian Missett President
Jamey Boccio Co-Treasurer
Kimberly Kuelker Co-Treasurer
Larry Mone Co-Treasurer
Sunita Verma Fundraising
George Jaquette Fundraising
Liwei Liu Booster Memberships
Mary Catherine Williams PR/Communications
Sunny Jefferson Website Administrator
Gerrie Phillips Merchandise
Craig Hallada Donor Wall

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